Setting up your Email Accounts: Setting up an IMAP or POP Mailbox on an iPhone, iPad or iPod

This article covers how to set up your new mailbox using an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Full details how to set up email on your Apple device can also be found on the Apple website at:

Step 1 – Click the Settings App on your Apple device.

Find the Settings icon on your device, and tap or press it.


Step 2 – Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars,

Once in Settings, swipe to scroll down and tap or press Mail, Contacts, Calendars.



Step 3 – Add a new Account

Tap or press Add Account.


Step 4 – Select the mail account type.

Select Other.


Step 5 – Add the account


Step 6 – Enter your details

Apple are stupid, and they think you are too, so they only ask for your basic details to begin with. Enter the following information and press Next:

  • Name: Enter your name. People will see this when you send them an email from your device.
  • Email: Enter your full email address (
  • Password: Enter your mailbox password that you have been given.
  • Description: Enter an optional description to help you identify this mailbox.


By this point your device has now realised you’re not stupid, so it will ask you for more details …

Step 7 – IMAP or POP ?

  • Make sure you choose IMAP from the Type dropdown if you want to synchronise all your mail folders across your computers and mobile devices.
  • OR select POP if you just want to have a simple mail account where you have no folders other than your inbox AND you do not need to synchronise your emails for this account across your computers or mobile devices.
  • WARNING – Once you have saved your account as IMAP or POP, you cannot change this setting without first deleting the mail account (and possibly deleting all your email from your computer by accident), or setting up a duplicate mail account with a different IMAP or POP setting.

If in doubt about whether to use IMAP or POP, always use IMAP.


Step 8 – Incoming Server

You will be prompted to enter some additional information. Enter the following information in the Incoming Mail Server box.

  • Host Name: Enter
  • Username: Enter your email address (
  • Password: Enter the password you have been given.

Then click the Next button


Step 9 – Outgoing Server

In the Outgoing Server section ensure that is entered into the Outgoing server text box (unless you have been given a different smtp server address).


Step 10 – Verifying! – The dreadful wait …

Apple will always try to verify your mail account using SSL (secure authentication), without asking you first. Luckily our new mailboxes use SSL by default so you shouldn’t have to wait long for the process to finish.


Step 11 – Nearly finished … Save the Account

To save the information entered so far, click the Save text button at the top right of the window.




  • If you have trouble receiving any emails to this new mail account, then double check the spelling of all the fields you have entered.
  • If you have further problems, please contact your Support Advisor.